350.00 €, including 20% VAT
290,00 without VAT

 For Men:   
   Ambre Topkapi: code HR 2000  
Invasion Barbare: code HR 2001
    Chypre Palatin : code HR 20
     Cuir Garamante : code HR 2003

For Women:
Promesse de l'aube :  code FR 2001
Rose de Siwa : code FR 2002
Péché Cardinal : code FR 2004
Le Rivage des Syrtes : code FR 2005
Vêpres Siciliennes : c ode FR 2006
Un coeur en mai :  code FR 2007 
La Belle Hélène : code FR 2008
Nuit Andalouse: code FR 2009
Cio Cio San : code FR 2110




(including % VAT) 

€ 190,00 where VAT does not apply 

 For Men:  
Ambre Topkapi  :  code H 2100 
Invasion Barbare: code H 2101
Chypre Palatin : code H 2102 
Cuir Garamante : code H 2103
   For women:
Promesse de l'aube : code F 2101 
           Rose de Siwa :  code F 2102  
      Péché Cardinal  :  code F 2104
Le Rivage des Syrtes : code F 2105
Vêpres siciliennes :  code F 2106
  Un coeur en mai  : code F 2107  
La Belle Hélène   : code F 2108
Nuit Andalouse: code F 2109
Cio Cio San : code F 2110




C1000 sets of Five x 12 ml samples: 


France and other EEC countries, Netherlands excepted.
(Residents of the Netherlands, please contact us for more information):

90.00 € including VAT and S&H.

other countries including North America:
77.00 €, plus 13.00€ for S&H = 90.00€

C 2000 sets of 8 x 12 ml samples

France and other EEC countries, Netherlands excepted.
(Residents of the Netherlands, please contact us for more information):

140.00 € including VAT and S&H.

other countries including North America:
127.00 €, plus 13.00€ for S&H =140.00€

(for destinations other than the EEC and North America, a minor additional contribution may be required on a case by case basis.)

How to order?

Each set is composed according to each client's specifications, and therefore sets cannot be prepared in advance,
stored and ordered at the click of a button as on a regular merchant page..  

the ordering "procedure" is however very simple:  

- Inform us of your selection of fragrances, either by e-mail (our mailing address is
or on the dedicated box of the Paypal payment form ( see 

- Payment: by Paypal ( credit cards accepted via Paypal) to our paypal address,
(please provide us with a valid address and phone number)

  Important notice: the "investment" made in a sample set is deductible in full from the price paid for any catalogue item
purchased directly from us, with of course, the exception of more samples.


Full-size bottles can also be ordered directly :

- Simple presentations ( 75ml spray glass bottles with tassel) come with a complimentary C 1000 set

-Full presentations ( with bust) come with a complimentary C 2000 set.

Shipping :  included, for shipment via courrier with internet tracking

As for sample sets, purchases cannot be automated because supply of full-size flacon is sometimes limited 
and a one-on'one exchange between our clients and us is necessary to lift any possible missunderstanding.

- For our client's information and peace of mind, for each order , a copy of the shipping form is e-mailed right after sending





     signed and numbered

For Men:  € 1200.00  
(including 20% VAT) 

Ambre Topkapi    : code H 2000 
Invasion Barbare: code H 2001 
Chypre Palatin:   code H 2002
Cuir Garamante: code H 2003

For Women: € 1200.00
( including 20%VAT)
Promesse de l'aube  :  code F 2001 
           Rose de Siwa : code F 2002 
Péché Cardinal : code F 2004
Le Rivage des Syrtes: code F 2005
 Vêpres siciliennes : code F 2006
 Un coeur en mai : code F 2007
  La Belle Hélène : code F 2008
Nuit Andalouse: code F 2009
Cio Cio San : code F 2010